What Men REALLY Think About Women’s Body Hair

By | June 30, 2015

what men really think about women's pubic hairWe are all familiar with the saying “less is more”, applicable in many areas of our lives. This is also the finding of a survey done in 2015 on men, regarding their opinion on women’s body hair. Most of the 5,000 respondents preferred no hair at all.

Here are the scores that resulted from the survey: 41% of the respondents preferred Brazilian or no hair at all, 38% said they preferred some hair, but trimmed, while only 5% of the respondents said they were for the all natural look of a woman’s body. There were also 15% of the interviewed persons who said they didn’t actually have any preference regarding this issue.

According to the results of this survey organized by AskMen, you may think all women have to rush to get rid of all the hair on their bodies if they ever want to date anyone again. Many of them probably do it, due to the heavy influence the media and the society have on us.

This is the same psychological mechanism that makes some girls become anorexic or change their bodies beyond recognition in order to look like a Barbie doll or whatever other beauty symbol of our modern world. Unfortunately, teenagers are the most exposed to such messages. They are too young to be able to resist manipulation, so they fall pray to media and adopt fashion styles they would actually disapprove if they were to think with their own head.

However, a whooping 85% of all men involved in the study said their preference wouldn’t actually influence their decisions of dating a woman. They also said they wouldn’t stop dating a girl only because of her preferences regarding the body hair or its absence thereof. They see as more important the way the woman perceives herself and her body. If she believes he’s sexy, they are going to be attracted, so details like the body hair matter less in such situations. The woman’s self-confidence, her looks and her overall style and behavior are way more important in the decision of dating or not.

Other men were honest about the fact that they hate any kind of body hair. They confessed they shaved their own hair as well, so it’s not just a matter of hypocrisy but a very strong personal preference in this chapter. Some really believe body hair is an expression of a lack of hygiene. There aren’t only men who think like this. Some girls also seem horrified by the fact that they could have hair growing on their body, as if it was dirty and impure. Others, however, speak in favor of all natural hair, saying it is there for a reason, so it plays an active role in defending the body against various aggressions from the exterior. These people believe the removal of the body hair opens a gate for bacteria and viruses to enter the body, so they wouldn’t do it for anything in the world.

Video by Think Tank explaining the survey results:

There were some guys who thought the hair didn’t actually matter. They enjoyed seeing women with no body hair. However, they didn’t mind the presence of the hair, as that could have always been a good reason for a hot shaving session as part of the foreplay. They seemed to find it really exciting, so the conclusion was there were other things more important than the hair in their decision to date a certain girl or not.

The female body hair has been always a hot topic. Although fashion changed, the debate still remains. Each style has its adepts, each fashion has its haters, so it’s very hard to come to a conclusion about the reason why preferences shift every few years. Besides, such things are also influenced by the local culture. We can’t expect someone from a developed country or from a big and modern city to have the same preferences as someone who lives in the wilderness or on a remote farm where life is all about raising cattle and working the field.

This survey shows once more how different human beings are and how our preferences get influenced by the media and by various fashion trends we are exposed to multiple times per day. It shows that although most men seem to have a clear preference regarding women’s body hair, when it comes to facts, they wouldn’t stop seeing a girl only because he has a different opinion on her body hair than she has. It also proves once more that thinking is one thing and experiencing something is a complete different story. They were probably genuine when they shared their thoughts on the hair topic, but they were also honest when they confessed they wouldn’t break up with their girlfriend over such a minor reason.

Photo Credits: Think Tank via Youtube

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