Share a Cuppa With Your Hair

By | June 13, 2015

Tea is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and keep our bodies healthy, but it also can be therapeutic for your hair and scalp. Break out the tea pot, and brew these tried and true do-it-yourself hair treatments:

  • Fight dandruff and add shine with 1/4 cup of dried lavender simmered in two cups of water. After cooling, saturate hair and scalp and leave on fifteen minutes before rinsing.
  • Help stimulate hair growth by steeping 1/4 cup of dried rosemary in two cups of water until it reaches room temperature. Massage onto scalp, cover hair with a shower cap, and leave on as long as you’d like, even overnight, to tone and clarify.
  • Add subtle, natural looking highlights to blonde hair with a rinse made from 1/3 cup dried chamomile flowers steeped in one quart of hot water until cool. Strain well, and pour over hair, repeating if desired. Leave in hair for fifteen minutes, then rinse.

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