Save time while you save your hair

By | July 12, 2015

turbie twistThe longer you blow dry, the longer you expose your hair to damaging heat. Reduce the amount of time spent drying and make multi-tasking even easier with the Turbie Twist ($10.95). This super-absorbent towel is thin and lightweight, so it won’t fall off or come undone like other towels when wrapped around your head. An elastic band at the neck holds the towel in place so you can easily apply makeup or even do household chores comfortably. The Turbie Twist absorbs excess water, allowing you to more quickly blow dry and style your hair. Use it to keep your hair up when applying leave-in conditioning treatments to avoid a mess.

The Turbie Twist is easy to use. After rinsing, flip your head upside down and gently squeeze out water from the ends. Cover your hair with the towel, with the pointed end at the ends of your hair. Wrap the towel along the sides of your hair, gathering at the forehead. Twist, then pull behind your head. Loop the end of the towel through the elastic attached to the towel at the base of your neck, and you’re done! Your hair is secure, and you can perform your get-ready ritual at super speed!



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