Do you really need a blow dryer for travel?

With the holiday season fast approaching, you probably have your things packed and all geared up to go! If your luggage is bulging and too heavy, you might be thinking leaving a few things behind. We’re all guilty of bringing too many clothes – those “maybe outfits” you aren’t sure if you’ll use it or… Read More »

Choosing the Right Flat Iron

Not all flat irons are made equal! If you’re ready to go from curly or wavy to smooth and glossy, follow these tips to choose the right flat iron that will give gorgeous results for your hair type: Flat irons generally come in widths between one and two inches. Wider irons work best on longer… Read More »

Dandruff: Tips on How to Get Rid of It

You can’t. At least not completely. Dandruff is, by far,one of the most common hair ailments that most people do have to suffer from at one point or the other — the extent is determined by a variety of causes which is beyond the scope of this post. However, look at some of the reasons… Read More »

Share a Cuppa With Your Hair

Tea is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and keep our bodies healthy, but it also can be therapeutic for your hair and scalp. Break out the tea pot, and brew these tried and true do-it-yourself hair treatments: Fight dandruff and add shine with 1/4 cup of dried lavender simmered in two cups of… Read More »

Dandruff is a Dating Turn Off

Women suffer from dandruff as often as men do. However, the stigma of having dandruff is more pronounced on women rather than men. It’s an unspoken rule that women should have perfect and beautiful hair regardless of length and color. It’s one of the first things men look at when they scout for a potential… Read More »

Fair Trade Makes a Great Shave!

Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Shaving Gel ($7.99) uses all natural, organic and fair trade ingredients to moisturize skin and provide a close, smooth shave. Glycerin and coconut and jojoba oils lubricate skin to help the razor glide along without any nicks or cuts. Lavender oil is traditionally known for it’s relaxing scent, but it also is… Read More »

Make Your Own Sugaring Hair Removal Paste

Nervous about the mystery ingredients in hair removal products, or trying to find something less harsh for your sensitive skin? A do-it-yourself sugaring paste may be the answer! With just a few ingredients found around the kitchen, you can make a cheap, effective, and skin-safe mixture to remove your nuisance hair. Combine two cups of… Read More »