Make a little go a long way

By | July 8, 2015

shampoo conditionerTrying to get the most out of that expensive conditioner that you finally splurged on? Or, are you saving the tiniest bit of your now discontinued favorite product? Make conditioner go farther by trying these tips:

  • Before applying conditioner, squeeze out as much excess water from hair as possible. Otherwise, the conditioner will be diluted, and may drip off of hair rather than being absorbed.
  • Apply conditioner only to your “trouble spots”- for example, your ends- rather than all over your hair. Unless your hair is very dry, the midsection of hair will probably not need much conditioning. And if you have oily hair, conditioner applied to the roots might actually be making your hair more flat. Experiment with applying conditioner to certain sections of hair and observe the difference.
  • Have a great scented conditioner that just gets covered up by other styling products? Use it to replace anti-frizz or shine serums to get amazing smelling (and looking) hair. Rub a small amount between your palms and smooth over hair. Use a small travel shampoo bottle like these to take it wherever you go for a scent and style touch-up!

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