Do you really need a blow dryer for travel?

By | June 29, 2015

vidal sassoon travel dryerWith the holiday season fast approaching, you probably have your things packed and all geared up to go! If your luggage is bulging and too heavy, you might be thinking leaving a few things behind.

We’re all guilty of bringing too many clothes – those “maybe outfits” you aren’t sure if you’ll use it or not. Consumable personal care products like shampoo and toothpaste can be bought at your holiday destination. If you’re going to the beach, however, it’s best to take travel-sized containers of your skin and hair care products.

If you can’t live without your hairstyling tools, most likely you’ve packed your hair straightener and dryer to bring with you.

Flat irons are a luxury – hotels don’t have them – so those who can’t do without them always bring a mini hair straightener whenever they travel.

Hair dryers, however, are a different story. In developed countries, all hotels have them, even budget motels. But if you’re traveling abroad especially in less developed nations, you might only find them at high-end hotels. If you happen to be traveling to the tropics where it’s hot and humid, you might be better off leaving the blow dryer and just air-dry your hair. This way, you hair can take a much-needed break off heat styling!

Apart from your travel destination, another thing you need to consider is your packing list. Do you have enough space for a blow dryer? Can you leave behind something else so you can bring one? Perhaps you can still take out a pair of shoes or bulky clothing.

Don’t bring your usual full-sized hair dryer. Rather, consider buying a mini version of it. If you’re looking for a travel-sized blow dryer, you can check out a handy guide here.

Travel dryers have come a long way. They’re no longer the smaller, less powerful versions of their full-sized counterparts. Most of them have extra features such as ionic and tourmaline which helps keep frizz at bay and leaves hair smooth and silky.

People who travel a lot often find hotel dryers damaging. With not much options and features, they can be too hot for people with fine hair. Even if the hotel you’ll be staying at have them, it’s best to bring your own. The good news is, they’re really compact, powerful and affordable to boot!

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