Dandruff: Tips on How to Get Rid of It

By | June 14, 2015

You can’t.

At least not completely. Dandruff is, by far,one of the most common hair ailments that most people do have to suffer from at one point or the other — the extent is determined by a variety of causes which is beyond the scope of this post. However, look at some of the reasons why dandruff occurs:

  • Undue Stress and anxiety
  • Overworked and undernourished
  • Malnutrition
  • lack of Hygiene
  • Excessive perspiration

Even though we can’t really get rid of dandruff, it can be controlled and minimized to a great extent and here’s how we suggest you do it:

  • Shampoo regularly with a mild anti-dandruff shampoo– at least once a day — until you see a visible change in the reduction of dandruff occurrence. Note that some shampoos might not work for you and some might and the only way you would get to know is to actually employ the trial and error method. Keep in mind that stronger shampoos can irritate hair and even cause hair loss, which is something you can surely avoid. You don’t need another problem now, do you?
  • Blood Circulation to the scalp is important for reducing dandruff. Ask your beautician to give you a regular massage — ensure that she does it with finger pads in a regular, circular motion.
  • Health and nutrition have vital roles to play in the occurrence of dandruff. Please see that you get a balanced diet, avoid fatty foods, eat more greens, down more liquids ( water is still important). Get good sleep and avoid smoking, drinking etc.

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