Choosing the Right Flat Iron

By | June 15, 2015

Not all flat irons are made equal! If you’re ready to go from curly or wavy to smooth and glossy, follow these tips to choose the right flat iron that will give gorgeous results for your hair type:

Flat irons generally come in widths between one and two inches. Wider irons work best on longer hair while thinner irons work well for short hair. If you’re somewhere in-between, select an iron in the 1.25-1.75” range.

Adjustable heat settings let the iron heat enough to effectively straighten and shine without being too damaging to your hair. Those with thin or fragile hair will not need to use as high a setting as those with thick or coarse hair. Also, make sure the iron has enough power- 150 watts or more should do it.

No matter what your hair type, you will want an iron with ceramic plates! Ceramic is less damaging than aluminum or other metals. And those wet to dry irons that allow you to skip the blow dryer? Many work thanks to tourmaline ceramic plates, which produce a flow of protective negative ions to close the hair’s cuticle and ward off damage. If you have especially curly, frizzy or difficult to style hair, wet to dry flat irons may help you finally achieve the look you want! The CHI Wet to Dry Flat Iron ($147.95) is a popular choice!

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