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Save time while you save your hair

The longer you blow dry, the longer you expose your hair to damaging heat. Reduce the amount of time spent drying and make multi-tasking even easier with the Turbie Twist ($10.95). This super-absorbent towel is thin and lightweight, so it won’t fall off or come undone like other towels when wrapped around your head. An… Read More »

Do you really need a blow dryer for travel?

With the holiday season fast approaching, you probably have your things packed and all geared up to go! If your luggage is bulging and too heavy, you might be thinking leaving a few things behind. We’re all guilty of bringing too many clothes – those “maybe outfits” you aren’t sure if you’ll use it or… Read More »

Choosing the Right Flat Iron

Not all flat irons are made equal! If you’re ready to go from curly or wavy to smooth and glossy, follow these tips to choose the right flat iron that will give gorgeous results for your hair type: Flat irons generally come in widths between one and two inches. Wider irons work best on longer… Read More »