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Making Waves

Creating sexy, defined waves that look natural can be challenging. Here’s a simple way you can make waves this summer, at the beach or at the office: Wash your hair as you normally would and condition. Squeeze out excess water from your hair and gently towel-dry. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle. Apply a… Read More »

Make an avocado hair treatment

Avocados aren’t just healthy for your body; they can work miracles on your hair! With 15% fat content, avocados are super moisturizing. They also are rich in several beneficial B vitamins, as well as vitamins E and K. Let your hair soak up some of their nutritional bounty by making your own avocado hair treatment… Read More »

Dandruff: Tips on How to Get Rid of It

You can’t. At least not completely. Dandruff is, by far,one of the most common hair ailments that most people do have to suffer from at one point or the other — the extent is determined by a variety of causes which is beyond the scope of this post. However, look at some of the reasons… Read More »

Dandruff is a Dating Turn Off

Women suffer from dandruff as often as men do. However, the stigma of having dandruff is more pronounced on women rather than men. It’s an unspoken rule that women should have perfect and beautiful hair regardless of length and color. It’s one of the first things men look at when they scout for a potential… Read More »