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3 Easy Tips for Better Hair Care

As they say, most of the problems have really simple solutions. Ironically, we tend to look to complicate things. Hair care has some simple solutions on a long-term basis. Here are some tips on how to make your hair last longer, smell better, look like a million dollars and much more:

  1. Use the right products: You thought that was obvious? Of course, it is. But it is often over-looked. If you have oily hair, you would do well to use products that are custom made for oily hair. Dry hair has a range of products best suited for this hair type. Not using the right products is disastrous for hair management.
  2. Don’t Rub: Each time you take a shower, never do the mistake of rubbing your hair vigorously. Blot, instead. Gently pat your hair with a towel and that should do the job well enough. Also ensure that if you have dandruff and feel like scratching your scalp, do it with finger pads instead of using nails.
  3. Use wide teethed combs: An average human already loses a lot of hair follicles per day and this is considered normal. But then, you don’t want to add to this, do you? Using tight-teeth and narrow-spaced teeth combs, you are just adding to the trouble of hair loss. Use wide teethed, well-spaced combs for everyday use and this should drastically reduce your hair loss.

Making Waves

Bumble and bumble surf spray for beach wavesCreating sexy, defined waves that look natural can be challenging. Here’s a simple way you can make waves this summer, at the beach or at the office:

  • Wash your hair as you normally would and condition.
  • Squeeze out excess water from your hair and gently towel-dry. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle.
  • Apply a salt-infused styling product such as Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray ($30.45) for hold and natural texture. Comb through hair to evenly distribute.
  • Braid hair in sections. Keep in mind that larger braids will give you looser waves. Have fun experimenting with this part until you find the size and number of braids that gives you the look you want!
  • Let hair dry naturally, or blow dry. It’s important to make sure hair is completely dry before you remove the braids. Otherwise, your waves will not have fully taken shape and will fall flat.
  • When hair is completely dry, take out the braids. Shape your now wavy hair with your fingers, and style as desired. You may wish to apply hair spray for added hold, especially if your hair is very fine.

Congratulations! You’ve just created post-swim waves…without going near the ocean!

Disclaimer: Prices correct at time of publishing. Women's Hair Magazine bears no responsibility for inaccuracies in pricing and product description.

Selecting The Right Hair Color

Changing your hair color can be a renewing confidence booster- or a complete disaster! Here are a few tips to ensure that you get a color you love:

coloring hair

  • Think about how much time and money you want to invest in hair color maintenance. How often will the roots need touched up? Will my hair require extra conditioning treatments? Can the addition of highlights or lowlights make this color more manageable? The answers will vary depending on the color, technique, and how extreme the color change. Remember, you won’t love your hair if it feels like a hassle!
  • Choose a color that is right for your skin tone. Warm tones bring out pink, so if you have redness to your skin, cool shades (like ash brown or champagne) may work best. For olive toned or ashy skin, warm golden tones or reds work well.
  • If you do decide on red, choose coppery reds instead of bluish reds– they yield a more natural look. Be aware that red is the most susceptible to fading and most difficult color to maintain.
  • Once you pick a color, bring pictures! Don’t depend on word descriptions to get your stylist on the same page. No one wants an Espresso that’s too black, or a Cinnamon that’s more “fire engine”.

Morrocanoil – Is It As Good As Everyone Says Or Is It Just Another Fad?

pure argan oilAging is not so much fun, especially when you start noticing those wrinkles that remind you of your grandmother already. Your skin becomes dry, your hair is more and more friable and dull and the stiffness of your joints makes you go crazy every morning.

Under these circumstances, there’s no wonder we try to delay the aging process as much as possible by using various ointments, creams, treatments and nutritional supplements. One of the latest findings of the cosmetic and hair care industry is Moroccan oil.

Moroccan.. err, Argan oil

Also known as Argan oil, this natural substance has a lot of benefits for the skin, as well as for the hair. This is why many manufacturers in the cosmetic and hair care industry use it as the main ingredient of many products such as shampoos, conditioners, facial creams, moisturizers and hair serums.

What’s the deal?

One of the most appreciated qualities of Moroccan oil is that it gets very easily absorbed by the skin. Women prefer it because it doesn’t leave their skin or hair looking greasy, so they can have the moisturizing benefits of the oil while maintaining a neat appearance of their facial skin and of their hair.

Any proof?

There are several clinical studies pointing to the positive effects of this natural oil in what the sebum production regulation is concerned. This means that even people suffering from acne or those with oily skin can benefit from this oil. This is to say that this oil is actually for everyone, regardless their skin type or the condition of their hair.

The various types of argan oil hair products

The answer to the question whether Moroccan oil is as good as everyone says depends on the products you try. Cheaper ones contain less oil, in order to be able to maintain a low price. Additionally, they have preservatives, silicone or other additives, so they may not be that good after all.

Other manufacturers take pride in offering their clients 100% pure oil, extracted by cold-pressing techniques. This pure oil is a lot more expensive, so not everyone can afford it. If you ask users of this type of products, they are probably going to say only good things about it, as they are going to reap all the benefits of the natural oil. If, on the contrary, you ask someone who has used cheaper products, they may say the results were far from being impressive.

Which one should you choose?

As you can see, it all depends on the money you are willing to spend on something. Pure Moroccan oil is surely far superior to all other products that aim for lower retail prices. This is why it’s very hard to give a straight answer to the above question. If you get a product in which the Argan oil is diluted with other carrier oils such as grapeseed or olive, you are still going to enjoy some benefits, but the effect won’t be the same as when using the real product.

The way you use the oil can also make a difference. If you only put it on your face once in a blue moon, you won’t probably see any difference. If, on the contrary, you soak your face in oil every evening and you have enough patience to allow it to penetrate the deep layers of the skin, your results are going to be visible pretty soon.

The same principle applies when using this kind of oil for your hair. You need to learn the correct way of using it if you want the best results. Such oils need to be applied only on the ends of your hair rather than on the entire length of the hair strands. Your roots don’t need oil, as your scalp produces it anyway. The ends are those that can benefit the most from getting the nutrients and the moisture they long for. By suing the oil correctly, you hair is going to become better looking and more manageable. Besides, if you need to blow dry or straighten your hair, you can apply a thin layer of oil on the tips of the hairs for protection. This is an effective method even professional hair salons use.

And the best tip to consider…

Last but not least, if you are still in doubt, the best method to discover how well Moroccan oil works for you is to buy it once and use it yourself. This is how you are going to discover first hand whether its benefits are real or everything is just another marketing hype that’s going to fade away and get forgotten as soon as a new fad will appear on the market. If you don’t like it, you only lose what you paid for the bottle.However, if it works well, you are going to have a reliable ally in your fight with the aging process.

Check out this comparison video:


Save time while you save your hair

turbie twistThe longer you blow dry, the longer you expose your hair to damaging heat. Reduce the amount of time spent drying and make multi-tasking even easier with the Turbie Twist ($10.95). This super-absorbent towel is thin and lightweight, so it won’t fall off or come undone like other towels when wrapped around your head. An elastic band at the neck holds the towel in place so you can easily apply makeup or even do household chores comfortably. The Turbie Twist absorbs excess water, allowing you to more quickly blow dry and style your hair. Use it to keep your hair up when applying leave-in conditioning treatments to avoid a mess.

The Turbie Twist is easy to use. After rinsing, flip your head upside down and gently squeeze out water from the ends. Cover your hair with the towel, with the pointed end at the ends of your hair. Wrap the towel along the sides of your hair, gathering at the forehead. Twist, then pull behind your head. Loop the end of the towel through the elastic attached to the towel at the base of your neck, and you’re done! Your hair is secure, and you can perform your get-ready ritual at super speed!



Disclaimer: Prices correct at time of publishing. Women's Hair Magazine bears no responsibility for inaccuracies in pricing and product description.

Purify Your Water To Healthier Hair

Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification SystemYou may have heard that washing your hair with bottled water before a big event can give you shinier, more beautiful hair. Why not make every day a big event, and filter your water with Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System ($95.00).

This easy to install system attached to the shower head, redirecting water through a high quality filter to balance pH and remove chlorine and heavy metals which strip and dry out hair. You’ll feel like you’re showering in natural spring water every day!



Disclaimer: Prices correct at time of publishing. Women's Hair Magazine bears no responsibility for inaccuracies in pricing and product description.

Make a little go a long way

shampoo conditionerTrying to get the most out of that expensive conditioner that you finally splurged on? Or, are you saving the tiniest bit of your now discontinued favorite product? Make conditioner go farther by trying these tips:

  • Before applying conditioner, squeeze out as much excess water from hair as possible. Otherwise, the conditioner will be diluted, and may drip off of hair rather than being absorbed.
  • Apply conditioner only to your “trouble spots”- for example, your ends- rather than all over your hair. Unless your hair is very dry, the midsection of hair will probably not need much conditioning. And if you have oily hair, conditioner applied to the roots might actually be making your hair more flat. Experiment with applying conditioner to certain sections of hair and observe the difference.
  • Have a great scented conditioner that just gets covered up by other styling products? Use it to replace anti-frizz or shine serums to get amazing smelling (and looking) hair. Rub a small amount between your palms and smooth over hair. Use a small travel shampoo bottle like these to take it wherever you go for a scent and style touch-up!

Make an avocado hair treatment

avocadoAvocados aren’t just healthy for your body; they can work miracles on your hair! With 15% fat content, avocados are super moisturizing. They also are rich in several beneficial B vitamins, as well as vitamins E and K. Let your hair soak up some of their nutritional bounty by making your own avocado hair treatment right at home!

Combine one half to one full avocado (depending on hair length), one egg yolk, and one half teaspoon of olive oil. Apply all over hair before shampooing, and leave on thirty minutes or longer. Rinse out, and shampoo and condition as usual for softer, shinier hair!

Foods for African American Hair Growth

African Americans are often thought of as having beautiful hair, but their hair can be incredibly high maintenance. It is quite fragile and it tends to break and become frizzy very easily. It also tends to grow little more slowly than the hair of people from other ethnicities.

Because of these problems, combined with the kinds of hairstyle that are so fashionable amongst African-American women these days, more and more women of African-American descent are starting to suffer from serious hair loss. The popular grooming techniques cause a lot of damage to your hair and pulling the hair back when styling it can also be problematic.

Which Foods Support African American Hair Growth?

The good news is that there are foods that you can eat which will help you to enjoy more rapid hair growth, and ensure that your hair grows in thicker and stronger too.


Perhaps the most valuable food for hair growth is protein. One of the essential components for hair growth is keratin, which is itself a form of protein. If you are not getting enough protein in your diet then you will end up suffering from weak, thinning hair as well as weak nails.

The recommended daily intake of protein for an average adult who is not incredibly active is between 10 and 35 percent of their daily calorie allowance. People who are very active will need more protein to support muscle growth and repair. You can get protein from a range of sources, but dairy products, meat, soy, legumes and seafood are perhaps the best choices.


Iron is another important nutrient. If your body is low on iron then you will end up suffering from a number of noticeable side-effects, including low energy levels and general ill health. Your blood cells use iron to transport oxygen to various cells and tissues in your body, and if you are deficient in iron then this will manifest itself in the health of your hair.

Again, women are at greater risk here – especially if they are of the right age to be menstruating. Those who have heavy periods will likely lose a lot of iron each month, and will need to be proactive about replacing it. Lean beef, lamb, lentils, beans and poultry are all good choices. If you are considering taking an actual iron supplement, however, it is important that you talk to your doctor first because not all women need to take these.


Contrary to popular belief, fat is not a dangerous thing. In fact, the human body needs a certain amount of fat in order to produce hormones, and to keep up supplies of certain fat-soluble vitamins. Eating too little fat – something that many people do – can be very bad for you.

Healthy fats can be useful for preventing hair loss, and may also promote the healthy growth of your hair. The important fats are omega-6 fatty acids, and these can be found in salmon, mackerel, sardines and herring. You can also get a good supply of healthy fats from things like flax seeds, which are useful for promoting satiety as well as for delivering healthy fats.

The B Vitamins

Another useful set of nutrients for hair growth is the Vitamin B complex. Vitamin B plays an important role in the production of red blood cells, and this helps to transport oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles and to your scalp. People who are deficient in Vitamin B are more likely to suffer from thinning hair and will find that their hair is brittle and also grows very slowly.

Vitamin B can be found in bananas, oatmeal, soy milk, beets and whole grain cereals.

Hair Grows Slowly

It is important to note that hair growth is very slow. Most people find that their hair grows about a quarter of an inch every six weeks, so even if you change your diet it could take a long time to see results. The best thing that you can do is simply be patient and stick to a healthy lifestyle for all the right reasons. If you eat right and drink lots of water you should find that your body responds by feeling better and having more energy.

Over time, your nails and skin will start to look healthier and stronger and then eventually you will see the same results in your hair too. Remember, however, that the results will last only as long as your healthy lifestyle lasts, so it is important that you eat right and drink plenty of water in the long term.

Positive lifestyle changes can go a long way towards giving you great looking, healthy and strong hair, and will impact on the rest of your life in a lot of good ways as well.

Women’s Armpit Hair: Fad or Feminism?

xiao meili armpit hair

Xiao Meili showing her armpit hair

For the last couple of decades, the prevailing fashion for women in the US and UK has been for them to be as clean-shaven as possible, with no leg or armpit hair. In fact, many women go so far as to practice threading to remove even slight fluff from their upper lips. Women who look child-like and hair-free, including around the bikini line, are considered to be appealing by the mainstream media, in spite of the fact that this means they are essentially removing certain characteristics which show physical maturity.

Over the last few years, however, this has changed and there is a growing movement towards women going unshaven. While many women still like to have smooth legs, armpit hair is becoming increasingly normal. This is perhaps most apparent from things like the appearance of contestants on America’s Next Top Model who auditioned with armpit hair – although they were encouraged to shave it off.

Common in Europe

In some parts of Europe, armpit hair is something that is considered the norm, rather than unusual, but in the US and UK it has always been considered good hygiene to remove armpit hair. Until recently, only “hippies” would choose to keep their natural look, but today there are more and more women who are choosing to keep the natural look. In fact, there are some who are going a step further, and making armpit hair a fashion statement.

Styling the Hair

Styling and coloring armpit hair is becoming a fashion statement for some women, who are using it both as a feminist statement and a chance to show off their personal tastes and preferences. Those women are embracing the look of unshaved armpits and feel that it is convenient and that it is better for them.

This movement is perhaps most prominent in China, where the feminist Xiao Meili has started to micro-blog about unshaved armpits in her blog on the Weibo service, and has so far received support from a huge number of Chinese women.

Your Body, Your Right

Xiao feels that women should feel free to decide what they do with their bodies, not just when it comes to major decisions, but also things like armpit hair. She is not against the idea of shaving if women want to do so because they personally prefer how it looks or feels, but she does believe that there should not be pressure put on women to conform to a specific stereotype.

Long Hair Don’t Care

The movement towards armpit hair has some prominent supporters. Madonna made a post to her Instagram profile in March of 2014 that was captioned with the slogan “Long hair don’t care” as well as the rebel heart hashtag, and the art for freedom hashtag. Jemima Kirke is anther person who supports long armpit hair, and when critics spoke out about the look she responded saying she was bored with that kind of talk.

She noted that it was her own personal preference, and asked that the media just stop talking about armpits. Her co-star, Lena Dunham, decided to add growing some armpit hair to her summer to-do list.

She is in good company, too. Julia Roberts chose to rock the long armpit hair look in the late 1990s. Given that the look comes in and out of fashion so often, why does it always attract so much attention?

There are some women for whom shaving is important. Athletes may choose to do it so that they can reduce body odor, for example, but for others it seems like a waste of time and financial resources. The media encourages women to spend money on wax, shaving creams and carefully designed razor blades, fighting against nature – for what reason other than profit for those companies?

If armpit hair becomes fashionable, it does not seem unreasonable to imagine that the fashion industry would respond by selling armpit hair dye, beads or other accessories and grooming products.

Right now, the movement towards growing armpit hair is one part fashion and one part feminism. It is a way for women to say that they don’t care about modern beauty standards and that they are free in themselves.

That kind of rebellion is interesting and important, but it is unlikely to be impactful unless it addresses the root cause of the problem – the fact that women are held to beauty standards at all and that there is so much pressure from society to conform. We judge women based on how they look as much as we do on what they know or the work they do, and this is perhaps the biggest problem with gender in society today. It is something that will take a long time to really change.