3 Easy Tips for Better Hair Care

By | July 20, 2015

As they say, most of the problems have really simple solutions. Ironically, we tend to look to complicate things. Hair care has some simple solutions on a long-term basis. Here are some tips on how to make your hair last longer, smell better, look like a million dollars and much more:

  1. Use the right products: You thought that was obvious? Of course, it is. But it is often over-looked. If you have oily hair, you would do well to use products that are custom made for oily hair. Dry hair has a range of products best suited for this hair type. Not using the right products is disastrous for hair management.
  2. Don’t Rub: Each time you take a shower, never do the mistake of rubbing your hair vigorously. Blot, instead. Gently pat your hair with a towel and that should do the job well enough. Also ensure that if you have dandruff and feel like scratching your scalp, do it with finger pads instead of using nails.
  3. Use wide teethed combs: An average human already loses a lot of hair follicles per day and this is considered normal. But then, you don’t want to add to this, do you? Using tight-teeth and narrow-spaced teeth combs, you are just adding to the trouble of hair loss. Use wide teethed, well-spaced combs for everyday use and this should drastically reduce your hair loss.

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